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Posts mit dem Label WPPI competition 2008 werden angezeigt. Alle Posts anzeigen

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2008

Some words about WPPI competition 2008

Helo to all community!

I have something fun to tell you about WPPI Competition 2008.

At first a couple words about me – may be this help you to understand me better. I am russian photographer, since 2001 I live in Germany. At the same time I try to keep my interests on wedding photogrphy in Russia. The market of wedding photography in Russia grows fantastically. Ok, I keep to stay me on the facts.

In July 2007 was in Russia Mr.Yervant Zanazanian with his 2-day Workshop. All of people were crazy – the russians from Mr. Zanazanian, Mr.Zanazanian from Moscow. He made some photos, was 2 or 3 days and went away. I read the posts on the russian pages of Live Jornual – it was amazine. I read the blog by Mr.Zanazanian, named “From Russia with love” (this post was listed by Google). And I have to say: it is really a great photo!!!

This year I spend some time to take a look who was the winner WPPI Competition 2008.
Sure, it was Mr. Zanzanian with his photo from Moscow. I was shoked, and opened WPPI’s website hier with rules of competition. Of course I read one more time, that the photos from masterclasses are not allowed. I try to open Mr. Zanazanian’s blog on his post, but this page was empty. :)
I ask me, ok we have a fact with this photo was made on the masterclass. At first impression I think, that WPPI and all community of weddings photographers were faked. And I wrote a small letter to WPPI:

Hello Mr. Malneritch.

At first sorry for my bad english.

I am writing to you while I have a question in relationsheep to WPPI 16x20, 2008 print competition.

But for the beginning a couple words about me. I am russian wedding photographer and I live in Germany since 2001. I read a lot about wedding photography and teach me from english and german internet. While I am native russian speaker, of course I read a lot about wedding photography in Russia.
The question is:
(http://www.wppionline.com/competition/winners.taf?comp=16x20&year=2008 )
you show the winners of 16x20 2008.
As I know the prints from workshops are not allowed
(from this site http://www.wppionline.com/competition/16x20.taf?_function=rules&_UserReference=42C9284A46EB7582FE1CDDC0E96948696686 ).

I don’t understand how you allowed this Photo:

FIRST PLACE (16x20: 2008)
Yervant Zanazanian
Lysterfield Sth, Australia
Grand Award: Wedding

wenn I read on the personel Live Jornal site of russian wedding photograph Laslo Gabani (http://laslogabany.livejournal.com/2008/03/23/ ) that this photo was made on Yervant’s workshop in Moscow? (of course you can find any russians to translate it exactly)
About exactly this photo Mr. Gabani write, that he was on WPPI Convention 2008, met Mr. Zanzanian and as illustration gives a photo and wrote exactly about this photo “…was made on the Zanzanian’s Master-Class in Moscow.”
Ok, I can understand Mr. Gabani, he was proud of himself, he had organised this Workshop and invite Mr. Zanzanian.

I remember me about the post in Zanzanians own blog. It was indexed by Google, but now is rubbered. You can try it yourself : this post was named "From Russia with love"

What can you say about this fantastical case? With full respect to Mr. Zanzanian as a wedding photograph, i think WPPI should to stay clear and clean for all members.

Thank you very much, and i want to say one more: sorry for my english, may be it was not polite enouhg.

Vadym Plyushchakov

Two days later I read LJ and sow another post from russian photographer with the photos from this masterclass.

And I don’t get any answer at all!!! And now we all have a fact, that WPPI try to do nothing to keep his heigh Autority and faked all wedding photographers. Or something else?
I want to ask community: “IS IT POSSIBLE?”

Best regards from Germany,
Vadym Plyushchakov

PS. This year Mr. Gabany invited to Moscow Mr. Zanazanian, Mr. Bjussink and Mrs.Cantrell one more time to make masterclasses. I hope (with relationsheep of WPPI in this case) you know the winner of the next competition :)

And now the illustrations:

1. The screenshot from Mr.Gabany's page

2. The screenshot from the page another russian photographer.